Many people have phobia when it comes to Mathematics and the thought of Calculations brings in fear.The fear just refuses to go once it is set in. But for Minoo Jokhi Life is a numbers' game.
   Says Minoo: “Till 1992, I was one of the weakest students in my school Hindi Vidya Bhavan Academy. I had no confidence in myself. Everyone used to taunt and tease me. But I refused to give up and developed a positive attitude within me and ever since then Life has changed completely.
   I wanted to learn up tables upto 20 but did not knew even the basic tables of 2 and 3.But with a firm determination to come out as a winner under all circumstances I succeeded in learning them within a period of six months. It was all done by my own efforts and not via any coaching. When I achieved my goal it gave me confidence and made me take further more interest in learning up more with numbers. This developed a deep sense of love towards numbers.
   At the end of 1992,I got the success of performing a mathemagic show comprising of demonstrating tricks and methods to remember tables faster and also faster methods to solve complex calculations, to tell the day of the date provided. The show proved out to be a great success.”
   I believe that "Every child is intelligent. When children are pressurized to learn and show good results, they get stressed out. This is what results in failure and frustration. A child should be encouraged to the utmost to realize the potential talents and skills that they possess.”

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